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Thank you for your inquiries about doing Qurbani at Halal Groceries. We are currently taking QURBANI orders for this year and will accept orders for Goat, Lamb and Beef. Place your order and Enjoy the Eid with your Family & Friends !!!

Pricing is shown below

Young Goat/Lamb $225.00 (Upto 30 Lbs)
Goat/Lamb $275.00 (31 - 40 Lbs)
Goat/Lamb $295.00 (41 - 50 Lbs)
Goat/Lamb $315.00 (51 - 60 Lbs)

Please note this Lamb/Goat weight is the carcass weight, after removing the skin, head, feet and all the internal organs except the liver.

1 Share of Young Beef (55 -65 Lbs) $275.00 (this weight is after clean and cut)
1 Share of Young Beef (66 -75 Lbs) $299.00 (this weight is after clean and cut)

Please also note that the pricing for Lambs/Goats and Cows includes cut, process and packaged nicely for extra freshness. 

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